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All of our rifle packages are guaranteed for long-range accuracy and are totally dialed in and ready to shoot. The setup is completely done, and all you need to do is practice, practice, practice!


* We offer both custom and factory ammo options *

We can put together a rifle system for you using almost any rifle on the planet, so give us a call if you have something in mind. Below are some of our standard packages:

Click images for detailed info

Complete Shooting Systems

Starting at $2,599

T3x Lite

Kuiu Zeiss Med Res.png

Many pattern options available


Starting at $4,800

ALR Custom Builds

Frank Young cutout v4 Med Res.png

Semi-custom or Full Custom

Ridgeline Black V4_med.png


Christensen Arms

Starting at $4,249

Starting at $2,849


CA Mesa w V4_med Res.png

Christensen Arms

Pro V4 Med copy.png



Starting at $3,099

TAC A1 Med.png


Complete System $3,999

CTR V4 Med Res.png


Complete System $2,949

ALR Black Logo.png


Accuracy Within Reach

The idea that you have to spend $5,000+ to get a bare rifle that's capable of long-range accuracy is flat-out false. People have been achieving extreme accuracy out of factory rifles for decades and decades, and there's no disputing that. We do the load-testing to find out what each particular rifle likes the best, and the results are impressive. An accurate rifle with the proper optics allows almost anyone to extend their range and shoot 500 or 600 yards accurately (and a lot farther with practice).

Click here to learn more about  what all this "MOA" talk is all about


Packages include the following:


• Guaranteed Sub-MOA Rifle

• Optics properly mounted, with quality bases, rings, etc.

• Ballistic data collected, and one custom turret engraved (multiple turrets are available)

• Ammunition included (factory or custom-developed)

      - 40 rounds of factory ammo included


      - Custom load development is an additional $200, includes 50 rounds and load data.

• Custom Hydrographics and Cerakote available


NOTE: While our specialty is lightweight hunting rifles, if you want a tactical-style long-range rifle package, we'll build it! We will also do custom packages for nearly any rifle of your choice. 


*Copper-Only options available*



Give us a call to discuss the different options and what is right for you.


NOTE: Our desktop view of the website offers a far more comprehensive view of the rifles and features than the mobile version.

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