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• Deposit of 50% - 75% is required on all ALR rifle packages, depending on the cost of rifle, optics, etc.

• Dial-in services require 50% deposit.


• Checks (personal or cashier's) and bank transfers are the preferred methods of payment.

3% surcharge will be added to VISA and Mastercard payments, 4% for AMEX

• We do NOT accept Venmo or PayPal!

(because we don't support communists)


 * Please call for current lead times on rifle systems and dial-in services *


• We ship to all 49 states and to California.

 ( Ammo is tough to ship to Alaska and Hawaii )


• We will work with you to find an FFL near you where can get your background check and pick up your new rifle.


• Rifles that you already own can be shipped directly back to you.


We ship via UPS

Shipping us your Rifle?


UPS now requires FFL Dealers to supply you with a shipping label. They will not make you a label. Just give us the dimensions and weight of your package and we will email you a label. Firearms can only be shipped from UPS Customer Center locations.


The UPS Store is a different company than UPS and will not ship firearms.

Two-way shipping on Dial-in Services usually ranges from $200-$250.


Please give us a call with any questions.


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