Ridgeline Packages

from Christensen Arms

The RIDGELINE series of rifles from Christensen Arms offers a wide selection of calibers, in a guaranteed sub-MOA package that's beautifully wrapped in carbon-fiber.

They are good-looking, good-handling, lightweight, and shoot awesome! We have no problem achieving accuracy that's much tighter than the 1 MOA guarantee, with factory ammo. 

For guys who are looking for a high-end rifle that's based on the Remington-style action, this is it! These rifles offer exceptional accuracy with large magnum calibers such as 300RUM, making them an excellent elk and moose rifle.

*These rifles shoot copper-only ammo very well, making them a good choice for hunting the People's Republic of California

Turret Travel to 1,000+ yards

Talley One-Piece Rings

As Shown $3,899


Air-Tech Recoil Pad

Threaded Radial Muzzle Brake

Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44

Crisp, Light Trigger

Completely Dialed In

24-26" Carbon-Fiber Wrapped Barrel