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Turret Travel to 1,000+ yards

Talley One-Piece Rings

Ridgeline Black V4_med.png


Air-Tech Recoil Pad

Radial Muzzle Brake

Zeiss V4 4-16x50

Crisp, Light Trigger

Carbon-Fiber Wrapped Barrel

Starting at $3,999

Ridgeline, Completely Dialed In

The RIDGELINE and series of rifles from Christensen Arms offers a wide selection of calibers, in a guaranteed sub-MOA package.

They are good-looking, good-handling, lightweight, and shoot awesome! We have no problem achieving accuracy that's much tighter than the 1 MOA guarantee. Custom developed loads have shown these rifles are 1/4 MOA capable.

For guys who are looking for a high-quality rifle that's based on the Remington-style action, this is a great option. Our experience has shown these rifles to be extremely accurate with the latest calibers such as 6.5PRC, 7PRC, and 300PRC, all of which offer exceptional ballistics and outstanding long-range performance. The classic 7mmRem, 300Win, and 300RUM have also proven themselves to be great long-range hunting calibers and very accurate.

The new FFT series offers ultra-light, short-barreled rifles, perfect for backcountry hunting and running suppressors. 


Complete Ridgeline FFT packages start at $4,349 completely dialed in.
(RL FFT w/ V4 4-16x50)


Mesa Packages

Quality, Value, Performance.

Turret Travel to 1,000+ yards

Talley One-Piece Rings

Starting at $3,349

CA Mesa w V4_med Res.png

Carbon Fiber Stock

Muzzle Brake

Zeiss V4 4-16x50

TriggerTech Trigger

Completely Dialed In

Tungsten Cerakote

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