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If you've got a gun that shoots accurately, you already have a gun that's capable of accurate long-range hunting.


Send it to us, and we'll dial it in!


Custom ballistic turrets take the guess-work out of long-range shots and are simple and easy to use - as long as the gun has been set up properly (and that's where we come in). Simply range the target at 550 yards, dial your turret to 5.5 and you're ready to send it.


If you send us bullets that you know your rifle likes and are looking to get it scoped up and a turret made, the Basic Dial-in Service is $400.


If you're wanting us to shoot different factory ammo in your gun and find what it shoots the best, the Factory Dial-in Service is $500.


Custom Load Development starts at $600. This includes all load data, and custom ammo is available for purchase. 


*** $100 discount on Dial-in Services if you buy the scope from us. ***


We sight in the rifle, collect the ballistic data, and dial it in at long distance. Your gun will be ready to rock as soon as you open the box. Custom yardage turrets are available and multiple turrets can be cut for different elevations, different loads, etc.

 Give us a call to discuss your specific situation and your best options.

NOTE: If you already own the gun, you can ship it directly to us and we can ship it directly back to you, without going through another FFL.

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