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by Steve Monk, owner​ of Affordable Long Range, LLC



After working in the hunting industry for years, it was apparent that almost every company selling long-range rifle systems is catering to those with a lot of money, and making products that are out of reach for the average person's financial situation. While there's nothing wrong with very high quality, expensive stuff, there is something wrong with people selling the idea that you have to spend $4,000 or $5,000 or more (on the bare gun), to get a rifle that produces awesome accuracy. And then $3,000 (or more) on top of that, for a system that's completely dialed in for long-range shooting.  It's simply not true.


Regardless of the way that good marketing has successfully swayed some public perception, I learned early in my life that you don't need to spend inordinate amounts of money to achieve impressive accuracy in a factory rifle. With the high quality production rifles and awesome optics now available, serious long-range accuracy is within reach of most people - as long as the rifle and its components are dialed in properly. And that's exactly what we do. I'm all about performance, not about looking cool, bragging about how much things cost and stroking egos. This company is all about getting you the best performance at a price that's actually reasonable. And we don't do it part-time out of Mom's basement... this is what we do for a living and it's what we specialize in.





You'll notice that nothing is for sale here on our website. That's because I don't believe the products and services we are offering fit into the "click and buy" category. I still believe that human-to-human interaction is optimal and I want to use my experience to help you figure out your best options. I want you to feel comfortable asking any and every question you may have. There are plenty of places to click and buy products on the internet, and that's all you'll get - full retail prices, no first-hand experience with, and no knowledge of, the rifles and optics. And certainly you won't get any help putting them to good use. We have that knowledge, experience and we have integrity. We aren't trying to sucker you into spending more money than you need to. That's what sets this company apart. 


Everything we do is geared toward making you a better and more successful hunter. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a die-hard mule deer hunter. Over the years, I've come to learn first hand what can help maximize success, and it's one thing; QUALITY OPTICS! You'll never kill what you can never find. Affordable Long Range offers much more than just rifle systems. ALR is an authorized dealer for Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica, Vortex, and Leupold. More than that, we have a good working relationship with all of them, and can get questions answered, and products serviced efficiently. We carry the best optics in each price range and have extensive knowledge, helping you get the most performance for whatever your budget happens to be.


It's neat to hear back from guys, who never thought they could, make some impressive shots that were previously "not possible". And I'm constantly hearing from hunters how much they really appreciate how very high-quality optics have helped them locate more animals and bigger animals.


ALR offers the optics to find the animals you're after and the rifles to put them on the ground. Taking it a step further, we offer the supports and accessories, sound advice, service and training that allows you to properly utilize your equipment.


I want you to be successful. I want you to have great equipment to get you there, and I want you to get a great deal on it. I want you to trust the advice you're getting and the products you're buying. Most importantly, I want you to be confident in your abilities and equipment, so when the moment of truth arrives, you're ready to make the most of it.



We greatly appreciate you taking the time to see what we have going on. Please let us know if we can help with anything you're looking for.







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