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T3x Lite Packages

Unbeatable performance for the price.

Factory Base Model Tikka

Available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 308WIN, 22-250, 7mm-08

Turret Travel to 1,000+ yards

Tikka Black v4 4-16 med.png

Starting at $2,899

Completely Dialed In

Zeiss V4 4-16x50  6-24x50 +$100

24" Blued Barrel   Stainless +$100

In our experience, Tikka makes the best factory rifles on the market. They offer tremendous accuracy, are lightweight, feature a crisp, clean trigger, and have an action that is super-smooth and reliable. The quality control and actual accuracy testing make them an exceptional value.

Made by SAKO in Finland, every Tikka rifle has been proven to shoot sub-MOA or it never leaves their factory. With some minor work on the gun and some load testing, we're consistently achieving 1/2 MOA accuracy out of these rifles in all calibers. Many have shown 1/4-MOA accuracy, and some even better than that!


We offer a lot of customization options on the Tikkas including muzzle threading and brakes, Cerakote, hydrographics, and barrel/bolt fluting.

.Long story short, these rifles will out-shoot the vast majority of people pulling the trigger.

 *** Factory and custom ammo options are available ***

Popular Calibers:

 6.5Creedmoor, 6.5PRC, 7mm, 300WIN

Special request calibers, left-handed, and COMPACT models are available

We also offer the 7mm PRC in a Custom Tikka platform


Customized Tikka Rifle Systems

Custom stock colors, Cerakote, fluting, muzzle threading and more.

Turret Travel to 1,000+ yards

Talley One-Piece Rings

Carbon OD-FDE Tikka_med copy.png


Precision Fit Recoil Pad

Side-Port Muzzle Brake

Zeiss V4 6-24x50

Crisp, Light Trigger

Barrel lengths: 20"-24"  

Barrel and Bolt Fluting Available

Several Cerakote color options

Carbon Fiber Green/Tan Pattern (several options available)

Most Popular Packages:

$3,899 - $4,399

Completely Dialed In

Factory Tikka Models

Below are some of the factory Tikka options:

$3,199 - $3,799


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