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To say that we've been extremely impressed with the Muzzleloaders from CVA would be a huge understatement. Their accuracy is flat-out awesome! These Paramount bolt-action muzzleloaders feature high quality stocks, great triggers, fluted barrels, and are designed for the modern Blackhorn 209 powder. We've seen groups well under 1/2 MOA with these, with extremely consistent velocity spreads. These muzzleloaders are very user-friendly and require minimal cleaning and maintenance. The break-action Accura's are a great option for guys wanting lighter weight and impressive performance.


We primarily top these muzzleloader systems with a Zeiss V4 4-16x50, because of their repeatability and rugged performance.


We run the Leupold Freedom RDS 1x Red Dot for our Utah-legal muzzleloaders. Custom ballistic turrets are included that allow accurate shots in excess of 400 yards.

Ram rods, powder, bullets, primers and load data included.

Give us a call to learn more about our complete Long-Range Systems.

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24 MRX V4 price.png
24 LRX V4 Price.png
24 Paramount V4 price.png


24 Paramount Pro V4 price.png


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Here's the Paramount in action at 400 yards, topped with the Leupold Freedom RDS 1x red-dot sight, which is Utah compliant.

The animals below were taken with our Paramount Muzzleloader systems:

Nick Griffin Muzz Buck_edited.jpg
Easton Hansen 448yds_edited.jpg
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