Paramount Muzzleloader

Complete Long-Range Package

Turret Travel to 500+ yards

Zeiss V4 4-16x44

As Shown $2,999

Completely Dialed In

To say that we've been extremely impressed with the new Paramount Muzzleloader from CVA would be a huge understatement. Their accuracy is flat-out awesome! These bolt-action .45 caliber guns feature a Bergara HMR stock, fluted barrel, and are designed for the modern Blackhorn 209 powder. We've seen groups well under 1/2 MOA with these, with extremely consistent velocity spreads. These muzzleloaders are very user-friendly and require minimal cleaning and maintenance.


We primarily top these muzzleloader systems with a Zeiss V4 4-16x44, because of their perfect repeatability and rugged performance. Custom ballistic turrets are included that allow accurate shots in excess of 400 yards.

Ram rods, powder, bullets, primers and load data included.

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See it in action below: