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You've probably seen photos of this bipod all over our website, and that's not by accident. Simply put, there's no other bipod that compares with what the Hatch Outwest Precision Bipod offers long-range hunters. 

Adjustable from 7"- 27", this bipod has it all. It's extremely high quality and made in the USA. It attaches in seconds (literally) to a small rail that goes on your gun. Quick on, quick off.

Any position from prone to sitting, this bipod has you covered. No other bipod offers this type of quality, simplicity and adjustability.

We've been using them for years now, and have found that there really isn't any other bipod worth talking about. They are that good.

The feedback and consensus from customers is overwhelming.

This is what we call an essential item if you're looking to shoot long distances while hunting.

Give us a call with any questions about this awesome product,

or if you'd like to order one for yourself.

The Hatch Outwest Bipod is $390 - $460

and they're worth every penny!


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