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Full-custom, high-quality, lights out.

ALR Black.png

Starting at $4,899

Our ALR full-custom rifles are usually built on a Tikka action and we use and Preferred barrels. We use the Pure Precision carbon fiber stock, along with a billet aluminum bottom metal and magazine. These rifles are built one at a time with tedious attention to detail, we pride ourselves in the quality and performance of these rifles.

These lightweight rifles produce sub-half-MOA accuracy, and both factory and custom load options are available. 

Our most popular calibers are the 7SAUM, 6.5PRC, 7mm PRC, 22Creedmoor

*** Now Chambering in 7mm PRC ***

Turret Travel to 1,000+ yards

Talley One-Piece Rings

Sheffer 7PRC Cutout_m.png

Side-Port Muzzle Brake

Zeiss V4 6-24x50

AluminumBottom Metal and Mag

Carbon/Nickel Fiber Barrel

Many Lengths and Calibers available

Tikka Action

Pure Precision Carbon Fiber Stock 

Entire System:

As Shown $5,999

Completely Dialed In, Factory Ammo

Taylor RH_med.png
Frank Young LH.png

All Custom Builds Available in Left-Handed

Billy Lytle cutout.png

Re-Barreld Tikka Rifles

Available in 7mm PRC, 6.5PRC, 22Creedmoor

Click on the images below and give us a call with any questions.

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